THE AMERICAN MADE ALPHABET represents twenty years of flying/photographing in a helicopter cross-country over the hedge past the NO TRESPASSING sign. It is an edgy low down flight that slides across the landscape invading backyards exploring from A to Z the MAN-MADE landscape.

The plot of the ALPHABET is the stunning power, ingenuity, and folly of the human touch striving to subdue and reap. It explores the uneasy tension between the natural landscape and the sprawl of industry, agriculture, suburbia, city, and the roads connecting it all together. The letters/words of the alphabet add an additional layer of conversation around our idealized vision of landscape and what actually lays just the other side of the hill.

The ALPHABET openned at the Farnsworth Museum in 2007 and travelled to the Ucross Foundation in 2008. It was reviewed by Grace Glueck for the New York Times August 24, 2007.

The ALPHABET is fully framed and ready to travel. It requires approximately 110 linear feet.